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Once every two years, 70 artists from all over the worldgather under Mt Manaia, Whangarei Heads for CollaboratioNZ. Combining their skills in the mediums of metal, wood, glass, stone, fibre, paint, print and jewellery they produce over 200 unique pieces in 10 days. CollaboratioNZ gives the artists time to connect with other creatives, to learn new skills and to have a lot of fun. Warning - Attending CollaboratioNZ may dramatically transform your art practice. Video filmed, directed and edited by Wiktor Mrozik.

Collab 2023 Video

Collab 2021 Video

A taste of the CollaboratioNZ 2021 event - rescheduled to May because of covid our artists still came together to create and reconnect. Video Filmed, directed and edited by Wiktor Mrozik. 

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