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 About CollaboratioNZ 


CollaboratioNZ – inspiring adventures in creativity


- across time… across cultures… across worlds



Every second year, adventurous artists from across the world that are keen to work in tandem with others, gather in Whangarei New Zealand, to share and learn new skills. They grow their art-practice whilst collaborating to produce wonderful, unexpected art-pieces in a sublime setting.



An opportunity to develop new friendships and engage with a world - wide network of craft-artists, provides the 70 participating artists a chance to explore new mediums and connect with some of the world’s most creative minds. It provides a portal to new directions and extraordinary learning.



The seven-day marathon of creativity concludes with a well-attended ‘no-reserve’ auction of every artwork. Proceeds are used solely to pay expenses and seed the next event.


In comparison to similar events held internationally that I have attended, I have found the NZ “collab” as it is parochially known, to rival any I have attended abroad.



The formula is simple; artists are permitted to create in a totally unfettered way, works from raw materials provided by the hosts and other attending artists.


While there seems to be no structure in how things are created, incredibly beautiful pieces of art spring from totally unlikely eclectic associations within the attending group.



To have the chance to work with ‘top of their game’ international artists, who make time in their busy schedules to attend this event, is an amazing privilege.


I can’t stress enough the wonderful opportunity such contact with talented international artists affords people such as myself, and other kiwi artists who are lucky enough to attend.



Dr Lyonel Grant –renowned Maori carver


2009 Arts Foundation Laureate



Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi
Engari taki toa i te takitini e!

My success is not mine alone 
but that of many collaborators.

 About The Auction 


Each CollaboratioNZ event ends with a no reserve auction of all the artwork, funds raised from the auction are used solely to pay expenses and organise the next event. The next auction will be held on the 18th of March 2023 at Hihiaua Cultural Centre. This event is open to the public so be sure you attend for your chance to own some stunning original artwork at very reasonable prices.



CollaboratioNZ is run by a charitable trust made up of local artists who donate their time to make this great event happen. The trust organises all aspects of the event and meets monthly to organise and discuss the various aspects of the event.

 About The Trust 

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